What We Do


Tegloma is a self-help organization that promotes the culture of Sierra Leone, helps its members who are in need of help, and serves humanity through support in the areas of health, education, micro-finance and social issues such as the prevention of teenage pregnancy and early marriages. 

Social Issues

Since its inception, the fundamental goal of Tegloma has been to cater to the needs of its members, and serve humanity whenever possible. The organization assists members during family loss, sickness, graduation, marriage, and other cultural events and emergencies. The focus of the organization now is to fight against teenage pregnancy and early marriages in Sierra Leone and other African countries through education and support. In the past, Tegloma helped victims of the civil war in Sierra Leone, the Ebola crisis, and the mudslide in Freetown.


For several years, Tegloma has collected and shipped containers of medicines, medical equipment, materials and supplies to various hospitals, clinics and rural healthcare centers throughout Sierra Leone to help prevent and/or treat diseases.


During disasters and health emergencies, Tegloma is always there to provide humanitarian assistance with food, clothing, utensils, medicines, medical equipment, materials, supplies, and cash to help those in need.


Supporting free quality education in Sierra Leone is our flagship program. We have been working in that regard for the past years awarding scholarships to students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions throughout the country. Our passion to continue that support is unwavering.